Web design services

We offer web design services and custom web development and craft modern, responsive websites for businesses.

Our approach is a fusion of a creative and technical aspect to form the end product of an appealing website with an outstanding technical performance. Customer experience is the most crucial aspect of a successful website and can only be achieved with the perfect blend of creativity and technicality.

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Responsive web design

We design modern, responsive websites which are compatible with all types of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

An estimated 52% of your website visitors will use a mobile device to access your site which makes it crucial that your website is 100% mobile-optimized.

If your website isn’t optimized for a particular type of device it may adversely impact the ranking on search engines when accessed from the device.

High performance

Your website performance and loading time is an important factor to consider because let’s face it, no one likes a slow website.

We have a variety of measures that are conducted to ensure that we deliver a website with a high performance and durability to our clients.

All of our websites are hosted in a reliable hosting environment in Frankfurt, Germany to avoid downtime of your website. In addition, we have automated back-up solutions in place to protect your website data at all times.

Analytics and insights

All of our websites are integrated with analytics platforms that offer all relevant statistics about the site to provide you an overview how the website is performing.

It’s crucial to have analytics and insights of your customers interactions with your website in order to optimize your pages and marketing strategy to make the most out of your site.

Statistics are a key aspect to determine if and to what extent your website is relevant to your customers in addition to providing you insights on what to adjust on your site.

Custom web development

Looking for a custom-built web solution?

We cater for custom web development and build online solutions that are dedicated to solving problems for businesses and creating a digital environment for services.

Whether you’re planning to automate your internal processes or offering your clients customized solutions to enhance their experience with your business, we can help you!

Note that custom-built web solutions are a premium product that may end up being a big investment depending on the details of the solution.

Online shops

Wish to sell your products online?

We build custom online shops where your customers can purchase your products in a matter of clicks!

All online shops are custom-built and tailored around your products that are advertised on the website.

We also cater for online payment by means of integration with a secure payment gateway provider in Namibia.

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