Social Media Marketing Services

808 Media offers social media marketing for businesses of all sizes including SME’s and corporates on a variety of platforms.

We manage all aspects of your social platforms including posts, page optimization and engagement with customers.

Social media marketing & management is currently offered on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Business.

Our approach

Social media strategy

Taking a tailored approach to marketing your business on social media platforms.
We develop a custom marketing strategy based on your business and it’s industry for efficient results and a return on your investment.

A thorough analysis of your competitors in the industry is part of the strategic approach for our social media marketing and management services.

Advertising campaigns

We’re in love with numbers and take a statistical approach to launch effective advertising campaigns for your business.

Each campaign is evaluated and optimized based on the results to ensure that budget is efficiently spent on advertising.

Whether you’re after leads, engagement, sales or grow your following online we take according measures to ensure that your goals are achieved.

Tailored audiences

It’s essential to ensure that your social media campaigns reach the right people.
You wouldn’t want to attempt to sell a Mercedes to a BMW enthusiast right?

Customer audiences are defined and aligned with your business’ products and services to ensure that the right content reaches the right customers online.

What make us special?

808 Media is always up to date with the latest social media trends and spends a vast amount of time on researching and implementing new strategies.

We strive to outwork our competitions at all times and ensure at all times that our client’s demands and expectations are met.

Many businesses and individuals offer social media marketing services nowadays, we can guarantee you that no one does it like us!

Social media training

Would you like to manage your business’ social media pages in-house?

We offer in-depth training for businesses with expert advice on efficiently marketing your business online.

Business owners and relevant staff members will receive the training which is conducted on-site or remotely via skype sessions.

The minimum amount of hours recommended for training sessions is 15-20 hours which will be charged at an affordable hourly fee.

Our team will also be available for any questions and assistance after the training is conducted in case you need practical assistance.

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