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808 Media specializes in a range of digital marketing services including social media marketing, web design, SEO, hospitality marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

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Social media marketing

Everybody is using social media nowadays. In fact, it would be truly difficult to imagine a world without it.

808 Media offers social media marketing to businesses whereby we manage pages on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We mostly manage all aspects of the pages including campaigns, content creation, post scheduling, customer engagement as well as running paid advertisements campaigns that are targeted to a tailored audience.

  • Social media promotions N$ 290 /hour

    Promoting your services and products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Website design & SEO

Get a brand new website for your business which is designed according to your specifications.

Since more than 50% of users access websites with mobile phones and tablets, we make our websites responsive on all devices.

However, your website doesn’t just need to look good.
You need to have a lot of organic visitors which is achieved through Search Engine Optimization, also referred to as SEO.

In addition, paid advertising campaigns can be schedule on multiple channels to significantly boost your website visitors.

  • Website design N$ 250 /hour

    Web design and development of responsive websites for businesses or public figures.

  • Search Engine Optimization N$ 290 /hour

    Optimizing your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Website design for Gabus Game Ranch
Homepage design for Own It Homes Namibia

Hospitality marketing

The tourism industry has been as competitive as ever since the COVID-19 pandemic crashed the entire industry on a global scale.

Increase your visibility and revenue by optimizing your property on digital booking channels like Expedia,, Tripadvisor and more!

We can also assist you to setup your property on Property Management Systems (PMS) like Nightsbridge. A PMS can link your property to over 200 booking channels and allows you to centrally manage

  • / Expedia Consultation N$ 299 /hour

    Increase your bookings and visibility on online booking platforms like and Expedia.

  • NightsBridge Consultation N$ 299 /hour

    The NightsBridge Property Management System (PMS) allows your hotel or lodge to offer online bookings and integrates with popular booking channels like, Expedia, Air BnB and more.

Property rankings on from our client
Manage your reservations with the NightsBridge and get instant access to over 200 bookings channels

Graphic design

Branding matters. 808 Media works hand-in-hand with graphic designers to produce exciting logos and brand identities for businesses.

You might ask yourself what a brand identity is?
It’s simple: A brand identity is the visual elements of a company or brand which include colors, fonts, design elements, the logo and more which distinguishes the brand in consumers’ minds.

Efficient branding is crucial for brand consistency:
How an organization delivers information to the public and its customers as well as customer experience in general

Prices on request only
Logo design for Gabus Meat
Logo & CI design for BMF
Branding for Freightage

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