bond calculator

calculate your monthly repayments

Use our bond repayment calculator to get an estimate on your interest payments before purchasing properties in Namibia. The default interest rate and repayment terms are at an estimated average for the local market. Kindly take note that interest rates will vary depending on the financial institution you are applying at.

Bond / Mortage Calculator

Monthly paymentN$

it's only an estimate

Please take note: This calculator is soley used for the convenience of getting a quick estimate and it does not represent any guaranteed figures. Speak to your bank about the interest rates offered on properties.

Consider approaching multiple financial institutions to get the most affordable long-term financing plan for your new dream home.

make sure it's legit

When buying properties in Namibia, take note of the following:

  • Ensure that the real estate agent you are dealing with is registered with NEAB and has a fidelity fund certificate.
  • Ensure that you contact a conveyancer before making any payments on a property. The conveyancer will ensure that the property is legally registered to the seller by requesting the title deed of the property
  • Be sure to view the property and inspect it for any problems or future repairs that have to be undertaken
  • Consider all of the renovations needed on the property
  • Make sure that the property has no outstanding bonds or loans that need to be settled
  • Consider getting a property valuator to get an accurate valuation of the property before buying

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